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In 2019, I visited Istanbul airport. Today, I come back here And let’s see if there’re any changes. Here, the information boards are all over the place. So be sure that you can trace your flight information easily. Continuously!. I introduced the Istan

In 2019, I visited Istanbul airport. Today, I come back here And let’s see if there’re any changes. Here, the information boards are all over the place. So be sure that you can trace your flight information easily. Continuously!. I introduced the Istanbul airport so many times. This is one of the biggest airports in Europe. This is also the transshipment of Asia, Europe, and Americas. This is just a part of the airport But everything is so convenient. Can I have one, please?. This is the best part that I want to show you. This is a resting room in the Business Lounge of Turkish Airlines. To get in here, your flight must be a long one. And you can stay here for a maximum of 9 hours. As you can see, this is the great time for traveling, since it’s not too crowded. And you can visit Europe. As for what I’m doing I love it!.

Hi everyone that’s watching Quang Vinh Passport. This is the second time I to visit Turkey. And I’m currently in Izmir. Next to me is my guide, Mr. Mike. He’ll go along with me on this journey. Hi, Vinh It’s nice to meet you back in Turkey. We’ll visit the South of Turkey, Izmir. And I’m glad to take all of you to explore Ephesus city. We’re currently at Virgin Mary’s House. This is one of the most important places for Christians. Because this place is considered to be sacred. Because this is a city that developed with wharfs. So every trading activities occurred here. It’s a connection between religion, history, and many other things. That’s true. About the history. Ephesus is a huge city, where there were 200,000 people lived here. There were schools, markets, and wharfs. Also agricultural points with high development.

Everyone wanted to come here to live. But since that event happened to the Jesus. Everyone that believed in Jesus had to hide from the hunt of the Roman Empire. The first thing I could think about when I’m here is that this place is so peaceful. We came to the House of Virgin Mary. Everyone is showing high veneration here. And everything is so peaceful. We can light a candle there and pray for peace. Recently, Mike and Vinh lighted up 2 candles. We wished peace for everyone around the world. Because all we need is peace with enough food and clothes. Everyone wants to live happily. We’re visiting the House of Virgin Mary. When Jesus was sentenced to flagellation and finally crucifixion. At that moment, Mary and John had to escape from Jerusalem to Ephesus. When climbing the mountain, you can see that it’s high and there’re no water sources.

When Mary and John came here, they digged the first well. The water suddenly came up and there were many fishes living. And why they had a gut to drink this water?. Because there was fish came, they were big and lively. This is the first place that Mary came to after she left Jerusalem. This is a very spiritual place. Also a pilgrimage spot for Christians. An important place for them. Since this place is spiritual The water here is also spiritual. They warn us about drinking this water We could be super young if we drink it. Compared with you 2 years ago, you get a lot younger!. That’s what I think!. We’re wandering along this wall. This is where we can hang up our confesses. So Mary and other saints can see them. On my trip, we have another friend here Mr. Görken. Hello Vietnam, I’m Görken Or you can call me “Ice Cream”.

Welcome to Enphesus. And today, we’re with Vinh discovering the ancient city of Ephesus. Let’s follow us. Okay, so today, we’re in Ephesus. And Ephesus was build in the 2nd century BC by the Greeks. As we entered the city, the first building that welcomes us. Over there It’s a typical Roman bathroom. There’re 45 different rooms, including changing rooms. Which is called “apodyterium”. Right there, we can understand this place through the arts. And there was a pool in the middle. And from the pool, there were clay pipes. All those clay pipes that you can see on the ground. Right here, they could go around the city. The total length of these pipes is huge. And everywhere we’re walking today. It has a great sewage system underneath. It means that these people knew how to distribute the water. This place was vigorous at its golden time.

But now, we can only imagine. Because everything has collapsed. And now, there’re only ruins. As what you’ve known after reading the papers. This Ephesus city existed for over 1,000 years BC. Such a very long time ago. But its golden time was when Alexander the Great came here. He rebuilt this city. But after that, the Romans invaded this city. And they turned it into a cargo transshipment point. The main products were slaves, pharmaceuticals,. For the Silk Road, from Europe to Asia. Because as you know, Turkey is the world’s 3way junction transshipment point. You usually use Turkish Airlines, right?. And here, you’re in Istanbul, just like their slogan. Turkish Airlines has flights to the most countries in the world. No matter where the flight goes, it will come to Istanbul as a transshipment point. The place on our right is called “Prytaneum”.

This is one of the most important places of Ephesus The reason why it is important? This is the place where they had money This is where they kept the treasures of the city Ephesus was a city with 200,000 citizens And to mention one of the 7 Wonders of the World We have the Temple of Artemis, which was built by the Ephesus citizens One of the most important 7 Wonders of the World If you Google “7 Wonders of the World”, you can see Ephesus is in the list Ephesus has the Temple of Artemis And one of the bullets in a person’s bucket list is this place Please meet the goddess of victory Or “Victoria” in the Latin language She’s Nike Someone that’s famous and someone that you’re familiar with She’s usually described as she’s holding a wreath And she’s going to the victory by her left hand As you can see, this is a Nike statue As history said

A manager of Nike came here and had an idea with her. The logo of Nike is a part of her costume. Because this is the goddess of victory. So Nike believes that when you’re using Nike items, you can gain victory. We just passed through a gate, and it’s called “The Gate of Hercules”. This is the main pathway of Ephesus and it’s divided into 2 sections. The upper part will be for the rich people The lower part will be for the normal ones. And they call this is “The Gate of Hercules”. If you want to stay in the Hercules area. You have to be strong and powerful, just like Hercules. That’s one of the 1st class distinction of the world. To me, one of the most interesting thing here is the statues. And they’re mostly remained after thousands of year. They said this place has only been explored 15%. There’s still 85% underground that hasn’t been known.

I’m so greateful that I can see the statues that are still the same. We still can see clearly what’s left after such a long time. The statues still can shown the strong on their faces. And you can see how powerful of the statues on the gate. When they were at the postmodernity, they had the walk of fame. That was for celebrating celebrities or any artists. Maybe a great seller or any great person in the city. If they had any great contribute to the city, their names could be mentioned. You can see at those pillars. That can be an opera artist. Or a mayor at that moment. Or maybe a great contributed seller. Their names could be carved here and also their contributes. Here we can see a great example of mosaic. They’re 100% original. Some of them are likethousands years old. If they first welcome you with mosaic.

Then you can know that you’re going to somewhere fancy. This is one of the fanciest place of Ephesus. And you can see that there’re shopping places in here. We can consider this place as a shopping mall. You can find anything fancy when you get into this places. Like gold, jewelries,. And if you get something from these shops. You’ll be considered as a wealthy person with a good taste. We’re now at The Temple of Hadrian. Hadrian was one of the Roman Emperors. Medusa was a gorgeous woman. But since she against the rule in the Athena’s temple. Her beautiful hair was informed into horrible snakes. And when someone looked at her eyes. : They’d turn into stone [Mike]: Yeah. So she’s like a gorgeous woman that no men can reach. Because they’ll turn into rocks. When they set up her statue there. People who walked by didn’t want to look in her eyes, so they lowered their heads.

This showed high respect Also fear This is the idea of the builder of this temple This is the place I love the most Stunning! This is the Library of Celsus IDK how could they build such a great construct like that There’re 2 floors That means the development at that time was amazing So we’re now in the Library of Celsus This is the name of Ephesus’s mayor And this library was built by the son of Celsus Because when Celsus died He left a great treasure for his son And his son first built a memorial grave inside And the treasure was so big That he wanted to build something that was good for everyone He built this great library This library was the third biggest one in the ancient Roman world It had 125,000 documents inside They included arts, mathematics, geology, and philosophy,

Because the educational rate of Ephesus was over 90% So all of the people that lived inside Ephesus They were all elleducated You can see that there’re 4 angles at the bottom They were symbolized for wisdom, knowledge, intelligence and excellence These were the messages for the people of this city And there’re 6 windows over there The books were kept in safe from humidity From the sun and rain And this is a great example of how ancient library was like As we can see, this is a typical construct type of the Mediterranean Another interesting thing is that they had high respect for women at that time Because instead of men statues

These are 4 goddesses mentioned He has an Instagram account His name is Garfield of Ephesus He’s always here Here I am, at the Temple of Artemis There’re only ruins like this Just a few of them But here’s how it looks in the past It was stunning It was one of the 7 Wonders of the Ancient World For example, the Great Pyramid of Giza, the Lighthouse of Alexandria And Machu Picchu They still exist Here we’re standing in front of the ruins of the Temple of Artemis Izmir and Ephesus have had lots of ruins And most of the constructions were made from rock, so there’re only carvings left To visit Ephesus and Pamukkale

Make sure to come to Izmir If staying in Izmir city I still prefer staying in Kusadasi This is my recommendation So you can come here and explore the beach village At Kusadasi It takes 1 hour and 20 minutes to go from here to Izmir Airport But this place is more relaxed, there’s a beach And there’re many coffee shops along here That’s right Because Kusadasi beach has a clear and blue water And the vibe is peaceful Izmir is proud to be the city that has the highest rate of education Another thing is that Izmir has the highest number of women that study abroad Also, they’re proud to be the kindest people in Turkey Other than famous places such as Istanbul, Cappadocia,

I recommend you to visit Izmir. So you can see the west coast of Turkey. It’s worth for you to come here. I’m at the Ladies Beach. : We can only walk here? [Mike]: Yeah. We can only walk, the shops and counters are just pretty. What is this? Is it good?. They’re grilled and boiled corns. With boiled corns, they’ll add some ketchup and salt in. How much for 1 of these?. Around 1.1 dollar. Around 25,000 VND. Thank you!. The corn is sweet, and it’s just great with a slight saltiness. But I prefer Vietnamese corns, right Mike?. : Vietnamese corns are softer [Mike]: Yeah. We have waxy corns too. This is more like sweet corn, it’s crunchier. Walking along here and we can see lots of restaurants and eateries. Coffe shops and shopping places. This is a small town But I think it’s large. Yeah, the population is around 50,000 people.

But with tourism seasons, it can be up to 200,000 people. In the past, this beach was only for ladies. Because with Islam. Women have to have activities in separate places. But this beach has been public now Anyone can come here. After wandering for a round, I decided to eat at this place. Because the food looks amazing. Especially this seafood dish. There’re 2 trays that full of my favorite dishes. Grilled fish, shrimp, squids,. Also veggies. And this is lamb. Lamb is popular in Turkey. And I ordered a pasta. I ordered a bit too much tonight But who cares, I wanna try them all. With the price, maybe since this restaurant is next to the beach and the dishes are amazing. I spent around 34 million VND for this meal. But I think it’s all worth. Bon appétit!. You like this? This is your 1st time?. Yeah!. Are you ready?.

I’ve come to the place that I expected the most Pamukkale And I’m at Hierapolis It means “Holy City” I’ll get inside and come to the Number 15 first, then follow the map And on the map, visiting spots are numbered from 1 to 15 I’ll get into Gate 15 and walk to Number 10 And I can see Cleopatra’s ancient pool Then I’ll visit the theater Let’s go, guys! Welcome to Pamukkale I’m soaking my legs in the water This is considered holy water, it’s natural and it’s good for the health It can cure diseases and it’s good for our skin Many tourists come here to swim other than to exploring What do you think about this water? It’s blue and

It’s truly natural. How can it have such a nice tone of blue?. They said that Cleopatra came here for a bath. And there’re a pool of her. One of the reasons why she’s beautiful. It’s because she took care of herself here. My experience is that you should visit this place in the summer. The weather is nice and it’s more suitable for you to swim. You should wear shorts. I have to pull my pants up today. If you want to swim, you should prepare your swimsuit. And enjoy this place!. This place is very special, it’s like there’re many pools next to each other. You can walk from up there to down here Many swimming spots are waiting for you. See how many tourists are here This place is very popular. If you come to Turkey, you have to visit this place. I think I should enjoy this place more and feel myself under the water.

This is the pool of Cleopatra. This is an ancient pool. It’s been here for thousands of years. I think it’s normal It’s small. But the special thing here is that this water is natural mineral water. And as I’m looking at the water, it’s not very clean. IDK. Maybe we can have more health benefits if we swim here, it’s all natural!. I don’t like this, I prefer the beauty of Pamukkale. We’ll visit the ancient theater. This is a gift I got on my trip. When I took a rest, the owner gave this to me. He saw that I was filming about Turkey So they wanted to give me a present. This eye represents for the luck in Turkey. This is also the traditional pattern of this country. Wow, Turkish are just darn cute!. Well, you’ve done following me in this episode. We visited Pamukkale, Ephasus and Kusadasi. From Vietnam, you can come here by Turkish Airlines.


https://youtu.be/tmtzEUi7UFYIn 2019, I visited Istanbul airport. Today, I come back here And let’s see if there’re any changes. Here, the information boards are all over the place. So be sure that you can trace your flight information easily. Continuously!. I introduced the Istan

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